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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is No Rake possible for a poker platform?

Our main goal is creating demand for NoLimitCoin (NLC2) and offering a premium experience for our users. Our great partnership with an experienced and tested poker platform allows us to offer our poker players No Rake, which is an absolute game changer. The first year we will be totally free for a limited amount of players that register now, once this special offer runs out we will charge a small monthly subscription fee of $1.

We will never change our No Rake Policy

How is your security and anti-collusion set up?

All the traditional anti-collusion measures will be present (IP checks, play pattern algorithms, etc). We will even go one step further to make sure our users have fair playing conditions by having KYC (Know Your Customer) in place for larger buy in tables. To compensate genuine players for their time and trouble we will give them a bonus on completing the KYC process.

Awesome, No Rake! But will there be other costs?

The goal of our poker platform is to have a large user base powered by our sacred No Rake model which we shall not change.

The first year we will be totally free for a limited amount of players that register now, once this special offer runs out we will charge a small monthly subscription fee of $1.

We see this as a great showcase for NoLimitCoin and will take on the cost in exchange to potentially redefine online poker.

Can I play if I'm in the USA? What about the rest of the world?

Currently legislation doesn't allow us to offer real money/NLC2 tables for most of the USA. Various states already have legal online poker, and we will start the licensing process once we launch. But at our initial launch free tables and private games are offered for users from the US. The rest of the world should not have any restrictions unless in very limited cases their country prohibits online poker for money.

Will we be able to buy NoLimitCoin (NLC2) on this poker platform?

Not initially, but you can purchase NoLimitCoin in several different ways, you can read more about it here:

How does NoLimitCoin (NLC2) lower the costs so much?

Firstly sending anywhere NLC2 is practically free compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, most transactions cost 0.0001 NLC2. Since our primary goal is widespread adoption of NLC2, we will not be driven by the ability to generate profit at every turn but rather bring NLC2 to multiple platforms and focus on the long term goal of mass adoption, demand, and circulation of the coin.

Since you have No Rake poker, will there still be micro-stakes poker?

Yes! We welcome and will provide for players of all stake sizes, from free play to micro-stakes to high-stakes. Anyone is welcome on NoLimitCoin Poker!

How long does it take to send or withdraw coins into my account? Will there be cost?

There will be no cost for sending or withdrawing any amount of coins.

Sending coins will be instant. Withdrawing coins will generally be verified and processed within a couple of hours. To protect our users accounts will be manually checked to verify the withdrawals to make sure no fraudulent transactions will be made against our users wishes.

I love Johnny Chan, one of the most recognizable poker figures in the world, why is he involved?

Johnny Chan has worked on various projects with the CEO and in this project where it involves poker as well as cryptocurrency he did not need much convincing and is ALL IN! Watch the commercial we recorded with Johnny Chan at the top of the page.